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Enjoy Truly Local Honey

We haven't changed the price of our honey since we started selling in back in 2017. Starting in 2024 the price will go up by $5. We're also going to start offering half-pint containers of honey. We appreciate your business and understanding.

Hives are right here in Henderson, Nevada so the honey we sell is truly local. We also have hives in North Las Vegas and Moapa which contribute to our honey pool but they taste every bit as delicious as Henderson honey.

The color of our honey has been consistent every year for the past 15 years.

Don't be fooled by honey resembling the color of black tar on other web sites because their honey wasn't produced by local bees!

If you're reading this honey page our honey is both available and in stock.

We sell pint containers (pictured below) for $20 each. Containers hold roughly 24oz of honey by weight.

We also sell "immersed honeycomb" containers! These containers first receive beautiful chunks of honeycomb then liquid honey is used to fill the container. These containers sell for $25 each.

Sounds great! How is the honey purchased?

We're located near Stephanie & Horizon Ridge. Contact us to let us know what you want & to make an appointment for pickup (Please text (702)907-5221). We place your order on our porch table and you either pay with cash (place in drop box) or Venmo @LVBEES (DO NOT PICK PURCHASE PROTECTION).

We do not offer delivery.

Caring for your honey:

1) Honey should not be refrigerated - it will not spoil at room temperature.
2) It's completely normal for raw honey to become crystallized. It will get extremely thick and grainy which affects texture but not the flavor. To de-crystallize your honey simply immerse the container mostly in water that is hot (NOT BOILING). Extremely hot to the touch is good rule-of-thumb. Leaving the honey in this water bath for a few hours and all of it will go back to a liquid state and should remain liquid for many months just like when you bought it. NOTE: Do not do this to immersed comb containers as the combs will melt.