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Enjoy Truly Local Honey

Not Pahrump, not Overton, not some vague location like "Mohave desert" (Annsley), not Idaho (Cox honey). Currently all the honey we sell are from our hives located in Henderson, Nevada in an area known as "Green Valley".

We sell pint jars (pictured below) for $20 each. Pint jars hold 24oz of honey.

We can run out of honey but please don't assume so, ask!

Caring for your honey:

1) Do not refrigerate as this will greatly accelerate the crystallization process.
2) It's completely normal for raw honey to become crystallized. It will get extremely thick and grainy which affects texture but not the flavor. To de-crystallize your honey simply immerse the jar in water that is hot (NOT BOILING). Extremely hot to the touch is good rule-of-thumb. Leaving the honey in this water bath for a few hours and all of it will go back to a liquid state and should remain liquid for many months just like when you bought it. I have use a crock pot on low in the past and had success.